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Epilepsy Blog Relay: A chef shares his experience with epilepsy

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from March 1 through March 31. Follow along!

Stephen’s Story

As a chef, my job requires me to stand over 8 hours on my feet. I live with epilepsy and have poor circulation from my legs to my heart. I found the most difficult time of day was the end of my shift at home was when it was time to go to bed. A few months ago, I lost sleep every night through the summer.

Then, one evening, I was at my work table and felt an aura. It was as if someone took a ball and passed it from my right head through to my left side. I spoke up and informed my supervisor of the bakeshop and she said I should sit and take a break. I drank a bottle of water in seconds and returned to work. I was working for an hour and it was time to take my half hour break. I gathered a little food and went out to the patio. As I sat down the sunset and thunder clouds were approaching. There was darkness and then the seizure.

When I came to, it felt as though dozens of people were surrounding me, from Firefighters and EMS to people from work. I was taken from the sidewalk that seemed to hold me down. I just didn’t have the strength to rise. I was placed in an ambulance and the EMS asked what me my name and date of birth.

After being brought to the emergency room, I was released to go home. As I was leaving I had a seizure that had me fall backward. I then was admitted to the hospital, stayed overnight and released the next day.

I’m hoping to stay seizure-free but at the same time, I can’t believe it will not happen again.

Stephen Piorkowski Epilepsy Scholarship

I have started the Stephen Piorkowski Epilepsy Scholarship. This scholarship has supported 3 students on their journey to college in the last 2 years. It is an honor to see a scholarship recipient succeed and become more involved with Epilepsy.

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