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Chlo’s Story: Newly diagnosed with absence seizures

WIN_20150719_210218The Beginning

I was in the car with my mum driving to school like I usually do. I felt fine and I didn’t know anything would happen. In school, I had Science after break. I went into class and I remember feeling dizzy and weird; then I can’t remember anything else. All of a sudden, I saw a Teachers Assistant (TA) who asked me if I was okay. I remember feeling pretty confused.

I was taken to the medical room and was asked lots of questions like “how are you feeling” and other stuff I didn’t know the answers to. I couldn’t really answer questions that well.  The TA said I blacked out completely. I was confused! The medical lady phoned my mum to come pick me up.  When my mum arrived, she took me home.

That day, I just relaxed at home; at that point my mum thought I just had a virus. Later that evening, my grandma told me she was calling my name but I didn’t reply. I don’t remember hearing her at all.  The school suggested mum take me to the doctor to find out what was going on.

Finding Answers

My mum took me to our local general practitioner (GP) who was really nice and understanding. She suggested I go to the hospital to see a specialist to get tested for epilepsy. It took a few weeks for the letter to come through but it finally did. We were called into a room and asked questions by the specialist.  In one of the tests, she made me hyperventilate to bring on a seizure. It worked and I had one.

Newly Diagnosed

I was diagnosed with absence epilepsy. The specialist told my mum and I that I needed to have a EEG done. I had lots of tests and it felt like we were there for ages! At the end it was finally time to go home and I was happy.

Living Life With a New Diagnosis

Life since being newly diagnosed with epilepsy is a lot different than it used to be. The first week after I was diagnosed was especially hard; I kept crying every day and didn’t have faith in myself. I’m learning to understand my epilepsy but I still feel pretty down about it sometimes. I also have Tourettes, Autism, Dyspraxia, OCD and a sleep disorder linked to my autism. I take a lot of tablets like Melatonin and Keppra 750 mg twice a day for my epilepsy. After being diagnosed 2 months ago, I’m used to it now.

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  1. Emily Sian
    | Reply

    Hey Chlo, hang in there. You’re doing great. Keep writing too!

  2. Dana
    | Reply

    Hello hon. I have they same kind and have been having them for 26 yrs and the longest I have been without having one is 5 months, it is very depressing, maybe one day there will be a cure and we can be our old normal again, good luck in the future

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