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Anonymous Story: The good life despite epilepsy

On top of the worldThis personal epilepsy story was submitted to Living Well With Epilepsy by an anonymous contributor on his good life experience with despite years of approximately 4 seizures each month.

I’ve had epilepsy since I was 8, and am now 68. My seizures have persisted through those 60 years at the rate of about 4 seizures per month. Still, I’ve had a pretty good life.

Silver Linings

After graduate school I got a job as a librarian at a college in South Carolina. After being there two years, I was fired from that job.

Being fired like this was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me. I got a far better job at a university on PA. Also, since I was moving to PA, I asked my girlfriend to marry me and move with me. She agreed, and we began our new lives in PA.

The Good Life

She and I have now both retired from our jobs there, and returned to S. Carolina, where we’d met. Overall, I’ve had a very good life despite the epilepsy.

Still, the biggest blessing in my life was surviving a two story fall, which was the probable cause of my epilepsy. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky, the epilepsy notwithstanding.

  1. Ann C.
    | Reply

    I’m also a librarian and have been one since 1976. Despite your fall, you sound as if you’ve had a wonderful life with a wonderful spouse. And congratulations on your retirement! I’m looking forward to it. I’ve had some odd seizures at work–found myself sitting on the main staircase one day, having no idea how I got there. Better there than the men’s room! Had some blank moments in meetings, intentional and voluntary. Thank you for your story!

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