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Purple Pumpkin Time: Use our Snapguide to help

Halloween is almost here and it’s time to paint your pumpkins purple. The Purple Pumpkin Project was started in 2012 by Ron LaMontagne in honor of his 7 year old son.  The intention of the project was to get people talking about how purple is the color for epilepsy.

This is an easy way to raise epilepsy awareness. Now it’s your chance to show your neighborhood your purple pride!

Check out our Snapguide

To make your purple pumpkin project easier, we’ve created a Snapguide. Just click on the image below to visit the snapguide.

Snapguide: Paint a Pumpkin Purple

A Fun Way to Raise Awareness

From Ron and the team at the Purple Pumpkin Project: “All we are asking is to please color one of your Halloween Pumpkins Purple! Maybe have some “Seizure smart” info on hand and share your story with anyone that will listen!”

We did this to create the Snapguide and found the ideas and colors were endless. Have fun and don’t forget to take pictures.

Need Ideas

If you need ideas check out the photos of purple pumpkins on the Project’s facebook page.

We would love to see your photos. And let us know if you are having purple pumpkin painting parties (whew! that was a tough one!) We can’t wait to see your pics.

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