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Charles’ Story: Complex Partial and Simple Partial Seizures

Charles’ Story: 50 years of living with complex partial and simple partial seizures

temporal-lobeAt the age of 50 years old, I currently live with complex partial and simple partial seizures. My family relocated from Florida to Ohio when I was 3 years old. That same year, I had an appendectomy whereby medical personnel left gauze inside my body. This resulted in febrile seizures. My seizures were not diagnosed until I was 15 years old.

Breaking Through

I have earned two college degrees and I have worked most of my life. As I am getting older my seizures are “breaking through” the medicine. My seizure activity always begins when I am in some type of sedentary position. I have experienced most seizures in class, at my desk, in front of the television, at the computer, in a theater, as a passenger, while sleeping or while lying down. All of these situations require that I am sedentary and in a relaxed state of mind.

The Positives

Yet, I am able to drive. It is safer for me to drive in high traffic in Chicago, than a rural street in Ohio. It is also better if I drive a stick shift than a manual. The activity that the brain requires to perform those duties and traffic distraction cuts the threshold of the seizure because my brain does not reach that state of sleep to trigger the seizure.

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  1. belinda Brown
    | Reply

    I have had epilepsy 50 years and have had complex partials,tonic-clonics,absence,,generalizes seizures,simple parial. My seizures are refractory and I’ve had brain surgery,and 3 VNS surgerys.I learned to accept my epilepsy as a teenager.Epilepsy is just a way of life with me and I learned to live with it long ago.

  2. Jessica K. Smith
    | Reply

    Thanks for your note. I’m glad to hear that epilepsy is simply a way of life for you.

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