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Gabriela’s Story: epilepsy deconstructed

Bobbie Shufani has created an intensely personal and beautifully written blog titled, “Gabriela”. It is the true story of her daughter’s struggle with epilepsy. Bobbie created the site to publish a serialized story about dealing with her daughter’s epilepsy and medical treatment (or lack thereof).

I encourage you to take a moment to read this amazing story. It is important that you begin at the beginning, so I’ve included an excerpt from the first post.

“We were in the eye of the storm. It was still, silent, even peaceful for the first time in three days.

It was almost four in the morning, Gabriela hadn’t slept more than three hours in the last 72, and consequently neither had I.

Now she stood in the entry way, just her silhouette lit, she was in the same jeans and tee she had put on three days earlier, bare-footed, her beautiful long brown hair uncombed. This was my only child; I sat silently watching her, knowing I had no idea how to help.”

I hope you take a moment to read some of Gabriela’s story.

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  1. Linda Wilson Wells
    | Reply

    Bobbie my prayers are you and Gabriela. I lost my only son Matthew who had Epilepsy 2 years ago. He was my “hero” he left two beautiful children a girl and a boy. My Granddaughter has a site on Facebook My Dad Died. I wish you both the best and God’s love to you both.

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