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You asked for it: Making a new diagnosis more manageable

As part of the Living Well Reader Survey some of you responded that you would like more information on how do deal with a new diagnosis. This is a tough issue at any age, but can be especially critical when a child is young.

A while back I did a presentation at the Epilepsy Foundation’s annual conference. They asked me to speak on the best way to focus on the positive to make the negative seem more manageable—even as a family deals with the ups and downs of a diagnosis of epilepsy.

As I created the presentation tailored to meet the needs of this conference, I found myself looking back on my own experiences. I was surprised to discover all the times I was able to brush the dirt off (sometimes literally), get up, and take on the next challenge.

Take a look at the slides from my presentation.

The families I presented to had children young and old, complex and simple diagnosis, and siblings and no siblings. But we were all able to find common ground.

Let me know what you think.

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Founder and CEO Jessica brings a unique perspective to this leading epilepsy blog as she was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen. She also brings 20+ years experience in marketing.

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