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Epilepsy Awareness Month: November 2010

This coming November will be Epilepsy Awareness Month. But I wonder, will this be another year without any mention of epilepsy in the news? I hope not.

It would be great to tackle the stigma and take on a campaign similar to Stand Up 2 Cancer. For now though, Epilepsy Foundation offices around the country are organizing events, conferences and walks to celebrate Epilepsy Awareness. With a little help they can raise the public consciousness.

So check out your local Epilepsy Foundation Affiliate to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood at:
Epilepsy Foundation Affiliate Lookup

Or follow me on twitter @jessicaksmith, where you can link to many of the any of the epilepsy organizations throughout the world.

Comment here to showcase any activities that are happening in your area for epilepsy awareness month. It would be great to see some of the activities happening all over the world.

Check back to see what’s happening.

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  1. Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County offers local support groups for parents, adults and teens affected by epilepsy. To learn more about how we help raise awareness visit our website http://www.EpilepsySupportNet.org or facebook.com/epilepsysupportnetwork or Call 714-916-0456

  2. Jessica Keenan Smith
    | Reply

    Epilepsy Support Net,
    I've created a page called November happenings to feature events like yours. I've also “liked” your page on facebook.

    If you have issues you would like to see addressed on this blog don't hesitate to let me know.
    Thanks for commenting,

  3. The Understanding Epilepsy Conference will be held on November 6, 2010 from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the Wallace Auditorium, Overlook Hospital, Summit, NJ.

    Please join the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey and the physicians from the Atlantic Neuroscience Institute’s Epilepsy Center to learn more about Epilepsy and current treatments.

    To register for this FREE conference please call Beth at 609-392-4900 or email her at bwiederspiel@efnj.com.

  4. Join the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey and the Ridgewood Symphony Orchestra at Notes of Inspiration. The concert, raising awareness of the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey and services/programs available in NJ, will take place on November 19th at 8:00pm. Tickets can be purchased by visiting http://www.ridgewoodsymphony.org/tickets.html.

  5. Jessica Addison
    | Reply

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