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Chandra Hoffman features Living Well With Epilepsy on her blog

Chandra Hoffman, author of Chosen, is featuring a piece of mine and Living Well with Epilepsy on the new Wednesday Writers section of her blog.

Since graduating from Cornell University, Chandra has been an orphanage relief worker in Romania, a horse trainer in the Caribbean, a short order cook in a third world hospital, the director of a US adoption program and an event planner for Philadelphia’s Mainline elite.

Her debut novel, Chosen, uses the domestic adoption scene of Portland, Oregon as a backdrop to pose the questions What happens when you get what you thought you wanted and How far would you go if it might not be what you want anymore?

Here is a snippet of my piece on why blogging is not just blogging:
…Surprisingly, establishing these one-to-one relationships has become the most important component of this whole blog thing. I regularly reach out to folks who have a vested interest in anything remotely related to my topic. I reach out to offer these people and organizations a chance to promote their product or service on my blog (and I write the content). This is a win-win situation. Who wouldn’t want a chance to get free PR and the only work involved is to say yes. More

I hope you will check out Chandra’s blog. Let me know what you think about my take on blogging. Is your approach to social media similar or different?

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