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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Ready to hit the stage with her epilepsy story

The next 12 months are going to be epic for me. I’ve waited 2-3 years post covid shenanigans to get a stage show I wrote, from a book about my epilepsy journey called ‘Electro Girl’, out on to the stage and into the world.

Setting the Stage

The show is designed to explain about epilepsy through my story and what happens to the brain and basically just advocate whilst entertaining and educating. I’m really looking forward to it, as there are still so many people unaware of what to do. I can only cover absence and tonic clonic seizures in my show as this is what I am familiar with and has been my experience. I’m afraid at this stage I can’t get to all 40 different types, but I do cover catamenial epilepsy in the show as well as I have definitely experienced those annoying sneaky hormonal ones just before menstruating for many years. Bloody glad they are over, however at least they were predictable!


I nearly got away with 2 years seizure free recently but ended up tumbling one night about a month ago the day I left my job. (Ironic? nope, pretty much to be expected when it comes to my triggers). Oh, btw tumbler is now a word on the street that people with epilepsy are referring themselves as. I kinda like it, it’s cute and non-confronting. Not sure if that is just in Australia or everywhere but thought I’d share that.

Going public

I tossed up for many years whether I wanted to just exist with having managed and treated epilepsy holistically, which means part medicine part lifestyle and get on with my life. Or whether I use the epilepsy in a creative field and go out and kick some ass.

I decided, because epilepsy had run the show for a while there, that instead of the epilepsy running the show, I’ll run the show and use the epilepsy instead as a platform. I plan to refine the show over the next 6 months, look for investment, sponsorship and/or funding and go out in the world with a loud message to assist people to:

  1. understand epilepsy better and
  2. take steps to ensure they don’t become a statistic.

The Podcast

I am also doing a podcast now called “Love your Diagnosis” and it is designed to speak with people diagnosed with a condition/illness who have got back in the driver’s seat of their health and found many ways to combat and manage their condition which doesn’t just involve just listening to “doctor’s orders”. All episodes can be accessed to listen through most of the podcast channels (spotify, apple podcast, goodle pod, stitcher etc) or you can click here and access my website to listen and get updates of when a show might be coming near you. https://electrogirl.com.au/love-your-diagnosis-podcast/
I am doing a season called “Love your Epilepsy Diagnosis” and would love to hear from you if you feel like being interviewed to tell about the journey of your diagnosis and how you rose above your diagnosis and have used it to your advantage. The podcast is not designed to nurture the victim but rather the warrior.

I would love to hear from you and connect as epileptics that wire together, fire together

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