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Epilepsy Blog Relay: November is Epilepsy Awareness Month

If you are newly diagnosed or just now looking into connecting with others living with epilepsy, we may not have met. I’m Jessica K. Smith, founder and CEO of Living Well With Epilepsy and I was diagnosed with epilepsy after having several tonic clonic (grand mal) seizures the summer between seventh and eighth grade (about 12 years old).

I started Living Well With Epilepsy back in 2009 and have been working to make a space for people with epilepsy to be heard ever since. I wanted to share a few things with you while I have a second.

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month

In case you are new to this community, let me say welcome! I hope you find lots of relevant and informative stories this month that make you feel seen and heard. This month as you post stories you are encouraged to use the hashtag #livingwellwithepilepsy.

Epilepsy Blog Relay All Month Long

At Living Well With Epilepsy, we take this opportunity to showcase stories of people living with and impacting those in the community from all over the world. Each day throughout the month you will find something new. I hope you will stop by and check it out!

And a special thank you to our generous sponsor who makes the Epilepsy Blog Relay possible, SK Life Science, Inc.


If you have not submitted a story here’s a link:

Submit Your Story

Kicking off the month at Epilepsy Awareness Day at DisneyLand

Thanks to the gracious hosts of Epilepsy Awareness Day at DisneyLand, Brad and Candy Levy, Living Well With Epilepsy will have a booth on the expo floor featuring buttons, a raffle and a teeny selfie station. If you plan to attend, we encourage you to stop by our booth!

See you there.


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Founder and CEO Jessica brings a unique perspective to this leading epilepsy blog as she was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen. She also brings 20+ years experience in marketing.

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