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Epilepsy Blog Relay: My Journey to Seizure Control

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Whitney Petit is an Epilepsy Blogger and Patient Advocate. Diagnosed with Epilepsy as an infant, she uses her 30+ years of experience with the condition, to assist others in their fight. Whitney started her blog, Changing Focus: Epilepsy, to help patients identify seizure triggers, find ways to improve their quality of life with epilepsy, and focus on self-care in the process. With a B.S. in Information Systems Security, Whitney uses her technical skills and knowledge to help drive innovation for patients in her community. This allows her to collaborate with companies and give the patient perspective, while still working to bring tools that will be beneficial to all.

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For this year’s LWWE June takeover, I’ll be focusing on thriving in everyday life while managing epilepsy, self-care and behind the scenes of my advocacy work. Be sure to check out the new blog on June 2nd “My Journey to Seizure Control” – “For years I struggled with managing my seizures. It was breakthrough after breakthrough and just chaos at some points. I knew I had to do more. It wasn’t just up to my doctors and medication. It rests on my shoulders to gain control.”

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