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Epilepsy Blog Relay Recap: Thank you everyone

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first ever Epilepsy Blog Relay. Together we have increased awareness of epilepsy stigma around the world.

In addition to the 30 bloggers who agreed to lead the charge (see their smiling faces above) there are many who have amplified the message by sharing on social media and spreading the word through their own networks. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all the other supporters to get a little pat on the back.

Below you will find a Linky. This is a way for you to upload a thumbnail and a link to your own page, post or timeline. I encourage you to participate in the linky especially if you promoted the blog relay in any way.

Blog Relay Linky

Did you help promote the Epilepsy Blog Relay? Then add your post, page or timeline to the linky below and get some kudos!

Recap of Blog Relay

If you missed any of the blog posts throughout the Epilepsy Blog Relay, check out these weekly recap posts below. They include summaries and links to all the participants’ posts.

Day 29

Jess Gaskell

When I signed up for this blog relay, I made sure to google the word Stigma, to be certain I wrote a blog on-topic. I decided this was the perfect place to write a blog I’ve had in mind for some time… Read More

Next Up: A November with impact

watsi.orgLiving Well With Epilepsy is planning a similar relay on a much larger scale to mark epilepsy awareness month in November. We will use this as an opportunity to support those living with epilepsy in low and middle income nations through our partner on this project, Watsi.org. You may be aware that 80% of the more than 50 Million people living with epilepsy, live in low- and middle-income
countries (WHO, May 2015).

How to participate

You can participate as an:

  • Ambassador (blogger or individual willing to spread the word)
  • Media Partner (epilepsy affiliate, health system, or association endorsing the initiative)
  • Financial Supporter (make contributions or match contributions)

Let us know if you are interested in participating by completing the form below:

If you have completed the form, there is no need to submit it again. There will be more info on this initiative soon.

Thank you again for making 2015 Epilepsy Stigma Awareness Month one to remember!


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Founder and CEO Jessica brings a unique perspective to this leading epilepsy blog as she was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen. She also brings 20+ years experience in marketing.

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