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10 reasons why I’m thankful


On being thankful

This time of year gives us a chance to stop, take a moment, and appreciate all the wonderful things in our lives. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for reading, commenting, submitting and questioning Living Well With Epilepsy. Your feedback continually improves the site, so keep it coming!

Recognizing great epilepsy advocates

I also want to recognize all the great ways you have been raising epilepsy awareness.Living Well With Epilepsy covered some amazing projects and discoveries this year. I get the sense there is much more to come. For now, I’m thankful for:

1 Amazing epilepsy advocates

2 Finding the good amidst the bedpans

3 A champion triathlete living with epilepsy

4 Creating new programs with your help

5 High school students brave enough to make a difference

6 A medic alert band that speaks when you can’t

7 New tech diagnosing epilepsy in under-resourced regions

8 Your smiles that are changing the world

9 Your moving personal stories

10 A wonderdog named Flame


I’m also grateful to my family for their love and support. To those of you in the US, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

IMG_3837Thanks to you all,

Jessica Keenan Smith

Founder and Managing Editor

Living Well With Epilepsy

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