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2014 Epilepsy Funding update: We’re not there yet

IMG_3599Epilepsy Funding Update

It’s time for the annual epilepsy funding update. Each year I take a look at the funding going toward Epilepsy research. I am pleased to see that it is steadily increasing. However, by comparison Epilepsy is severely lagging behind. Especially when compared to disease states with similar or less devastating prevalence and mortality statistics.


2014 Funding: $158 Million
Epilepsy Funding



2014 Funding: $3,122 Million
AIDS Funding

Breast Cancer

2014 Funding: $808 Million
Breast Cancer Funding

Just for kicks

I thought I would throw in a few other disease states that continue to surpass epilepsy. This will give you a sense of how important the funding is to making headway in a disease state.
  • Diabetes 1067 M
  • Obesity 843 M
  • Alzheimers 562 M
  • Alcoholism 460 M
  • Stroke 313 M
  • Autism 192M
  • Head injury 167

Less Than

Here are a few disease states that receive less funding dollars than epilepsy. It’s interesting to see where the neuro diseases fall on the spectrum.
  • Pick’s Disease $2 M
  • Batten’s Disease $4 M
  • Tourette’s Syndrome $6 M
  • Rhett Syndrome $13 M
  • Dystonia $14 M
  • Migranes $18 M

This information is all publicly available on the NIH Categorical Spending report. I hope you found this update helpful.

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