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Artist with epilepsy is making waves in the NYC art scene

Cathy Hozack is one of my favorite artists, and it just so happens that she also has epilepsy. Cathy is showing her work for a limited time in New York City at the Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery.

Cathy has said, “I am an artist with too much electricity in my brain: I have epilepsy. In 2008, I had brain surgery to remove the focal point of my seizures. Since then, my memory has been more limited, and the way I mentally organize images has altered. And after all that, I still have seizures. With these changes, my paintings have become more than art to me. They are a unique record of my memory, experience, and the way I perceive the world. They are a search for harmony among chaotic and conflicting elements.”

To check out the show you can visit
Denise Bibro Fine Art Gallery
Summer Selections

Gallery and Invited Artists
July 14 – August 13, 2011
Opens July 14 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Denise Bibro Fine Art
529 West 20th Street 4W
New York, NY 10011
Tel: 212-647-7030
Fax: 212-647-7031
Click here for directions.



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