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Meet Kyle and Rose: The KARE Foundation

The Kyle and Rose Epilepsy Foundation (KARE) was formed in 2010, and is committed to raising awareness, support and a finding a cure.

In a letter to her son, Rose writes: “It is my hope and desire that what I build today will be the foundation of your future.  I want to help find a cure for you and all of the other children and family members who suffer with epilepsy.

Kyle, it hurts my heart when a seizure takes control of you.  It frustrates me that the seizures strip you of your memory.  I hate watching your seizures take away all that you have learned. I want to make a difference, for you and all those who live with epilepsy.  Together we can make a difference. We will make a difference Kyle.”

For more information on the foundation you can visit their website at karefoundation.org.

And, once the holiday parties are over, you can kick up your heels at the Kick off Gala for the Kyle and Rose Epilepsy Foundation.

Event Details
February 20, 2011
Champagne Brunch Formal Gala
Radisson Hotel, Bensalem PA
For ticket information contact Jill Pavel at 732-423-7727 or Jill@youreventsolutionsllc.com.

If there are organizations in your area that need to get the word out, let me know by adding a comment below.

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