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Epilepsy Blog Relay™: Beth’s story shows love always has the last word

This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from March 1 to March 31, 20178. Follow along!

A new diagnosis

I sat in a hospital in Indianapolis, dazed, and on the phone with my sister. I had just had my first grand mal seizure in ten years, and was dealing with a new diagnosis of epilepsy. During our conversation, she asked me if I wanted her to let my boyfriend know what happened. I told her yes, knowing full well that he was at a family wedding in another state far away.  

Sometimes showing up is half the battle

As I was sitting in the ER, some cousins of mine (well, second and third cousins) who lived in a town nearby showed up. It turns out my mother, who was in yet another state, had called them to tell them what had occurred. They very kindly offered to have me come home and stay with them while I recovered.

I got to their home and immediately went to their guest room to sleep. I awoke, and my mom and a close family friend were walking in the door to my room. Turns out, as soon as I had the seizure, my mom got in a car and drove four hours in order to be with me and make sure I was okay.

As I was sitting there talking to my mom, who should arrive but my boyfriend. I started crying, I was so surprised to see him. Turns out my sister caught him at the airport, and he was able to change his flight to come be by my side and fly with me back home. He didn’t want anyone to worry about me trying to navigate an airport in a post-seizure induced haze.

A love that continued to grow

In looking back, I realized it was at that moment that I knew who I wanted to be by my side as my partner for the rest of my life. My epilepsy put that into stark relief. It also helped me realize just how important it is to have people who love and support you when dealing with a condition like epilepsy. I had an entire village, across many states, going out of their way to help me.

Since then, that circle of love has continued to grow. The boyfriend is now my husband, and constant protector. He helps to make sure I take my medicine, get enough sleep, and checks in if I just seem out of it on any given day. He has held my hand through more seizures and their aftereffects, has supported me as I’ve made changes in my career, that while mean I am going down the career ladder – nonetheless lead to a healthier me. He’s also been there by my side as we’ve brought a child into this world. A testament to our love, and proof that even in unexpected or hard circumstances, life and love always have the last word.

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