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Leila’s Ideas: New Jumo Health Book Release

Hannah, signing a "Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy" book!
Hannah, signing a “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy” book!

On April 16, thousands of individuals with epilepsy flocked to Washington D.C. for the National Epilepsy Walk.  On that day, “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy,” the newest installment of the “Medikidz Explain Epilepsy” comic book series launched into the hands and hearts of those living with a diagnosis.

This book about perseverance features Chanda Gunn, an Olympic Medalist, and Hannah, a young athlete, both of whom must overcome obstacles to play the sport they enjoy, hockey.  Hannah worries she may have to quit playing hockey due to her epilepsy. Through a trip back in time, Hannah is encouraged to persevere when she witnesses Chanda playing the same sport she adores.

Medikidz Series

The “Medikidz Explain Epilepsy” series was launched in December of 2013 with the hope to increase education and awareness about Epilepsy.  After the initial book (titled the same as the series), Medikidz Explain Seizure Assistance Dogs” and “Medikidz Explain Living with Epilepsy” were also published.  These books provide knowledge to those with and without epilepsy as well as advocating for and inspiring those living with epilepsy.  They are published by Eisai Inc.

Get your own copy

To order your free copy of “Medikidz Explain Playing Sports with Epilepsy,” and to learn more about the other comic books in the series, visit jumohealth.com.

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Leila shares stories on stigma and epilepsy based on her experiences and what she hears from others. She was diagnosed with Epilepsy at age 8 and is based in Pennsylvania.

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