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Faye’s take on Juice Plus+: Too Good to be True?

Eat fruits every dayFaye, a 30-something from London and frequent contributor to Living Well With Epilepsy’s Epilepsy Blog Relay, recently published an article on her blog . She has allowed us to share an excerpt of the post here:

Faye’s take on Juice Plus+

Juice Plus+ is the latest craze in the UK, although the company has actually been established for many years. What started as a small direct sales business has now become a successful, global company that helps people live a better life in more than 20 countries. They aim to inspire people to lead a healthier and better life all over the world! In 2013 they celebrated their 20th anniversary.  It works with individuals’ reps selling the pills and shakes that the company say will lead you to a healthier lifestyle.

I have been gritting my teeth of late as I have watched sales rep after sales rep claim that Juice Plus+ can help medical conditions, gain world peace, solve world hunger and stop natural disasters (okay, the last few bits may be an exaggeration on my part but that’s what it feels like). I have watched time and time again as these reps with no (or very little) medical knowledge claim this product is safe for those with epilepsy, that it can or is proven to help or decrease your seizures, safe for those who are pregnant, and can help a number of other medical conditions. Really????

Before I start let me just say that this is in no way an attack on Juice Plus+ as a company or the product itself; they have been efficient in answering my questions and are clearly taking steps to deal with the sales reps and have treated my concerns seriously from the beginning. My issue is with the bad sales reps, the ones who give the company a bad name. There are some very good ones out there: ones I have come across who have product knowledge, are well aware of the benefits and limitations of Juice Plus+ and know exactly where the company stands on medical conditions, I have also highlighted the reps that do a good job to Juice Plus+.

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Read more of Faye’s article and find out what she heard back from the company by clicking on the following link: http://fairyfaye1986.weebly.com/blog/blog-57-juice-plus-the-miracle-soloution.

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