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What does one day of treatment look like?

20140116-213420.jpgPictures speak louder than words

Epilepsy is often an invisible condition. However, the methods used to treat epilepsy are not. I recently heard about a site which showcases photos of the prayer spaces used by Muslim women. This gave me an idea.

A gallery of treatment

I’d like to create a gallery of images showing how you treat your epileps for one day. I’d like these images to illustrate the diversity and quantity of medicine/food/vitamins/electricity it takes each of us, every day to treat epilepsy.

A few ideas

Your picture may be:

  • A handful of meds
  • A VNS scar and magnet
  • A countertop full of food
  • A scar from a brain surgery
  • You meditating or doing yoga

I have something like this in mind. So as you can imagine, the project will need lots of pictures!

Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 1.49.27 PM

I think you get the idea. If you are interested in participating, use the form below to send in pictures of one day of treatment along with a caption or note.

Calling Epilepsy Organizations

Epilepsy affiliates and other epilepsy awareness organizations are welcome to submit photos on behalf of their members.  We would like to recognize each organization that submits so please include the name of your organization, include an email and a logo.

Submit your pic

Be sure your picture:

  • Shows your treatment
  • Is a large or high resolution picture (from your phone is fine)
  • Includes a caption describing the treatment.
  • Includes the type of seizures you have.
  • Includes country you are from
  • If in US include the state.
  • If you previously submitted a personal story and it is live on the site include the link

You don’t have to:

  • Show your face
  • Give your name
  • Provide personal details

A few suggestions:

  • Send photos in focus
  • Send big or high resolution pics
  • Send as many pics as you want

Deadline to Submit: March 1

[jotform id=”40595313073148″]


Spread the word

This could turn into a really amazing project so spread the word. I would like to have this up by Purple Day. I think together we can accomplish this goal!



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2 Responses

  1. Jason Hughes
    | Reply

    It was a pleasure to help out!

  2. Kristen Kreuzwieser
    | Reply

    I had epilepsy most of my life (25 years) but now I am seizure free and have been for almost 9 years. Now having epilepsy only looks like some scars, occasional headaches and vitamins I take to help daily. I used to take multiple meds and lots of them, but nothing worked. It is amazing to actually live life seizure free.

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