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Running2Live: It’s really stinking cold

Okay, I have to be honest, I haven’t been running these past few weeks. But I have to say it has been really stinkin’ cold. So I thought I would share I few pics I’ve taken lately.Snow angels

I’ve made a few snow angels.

I’ve taken Puppy for a few long walks.


I’ve taken a few pretty pictures.

Next up: Zumba

Since it is still cold, I’m going with a friend to a Zumba class. We’ll see how it goes.

Pic provided by dumpaday.com
Pic provided by dumpaday.com

What have you been doing to stay active this winter? Clearly I could use a few ideas.

Jessica K. Smith
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3 Responses

  1. Ann C.

    I belong to a YMCA that is 3/4 of a mile from my house. You know what they say about “location, location, location”. I go by it on my way to work, so I pack my lunch and breakfast and stop there nearly every day. Some days it’s the treadmill, others it’s a spin class. I’ve made a lot of friends there, we’re very irreverent about each other’s exercise habits and clothing (“Did the kleenex get loose in that load???”) and generally have a good time. On the weekends I walk with my husband along the coast or on a bike path unless the wind chill is really dreadful. If I don’t do SOMETHING depression sinks in in a major way and the seizure follow behind.

  2. Jessica K. Smith
    Jessica K. Smith

    Ann, Thanks for your comment. If the treadmill is helping to keep your seizures at bay take a pic next time you are at the Y and submit it to the one day of treatment project.
    Thanks for your note and the support!

  3. Ash

    Similarly I cycle to keep ep under control. Started running more recently and did the Strava 10k comp. unfortunately had a seizure on one run, but it’s been good inspiration.