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Spread the word about Epilepsy Awareness Month

https://livingwellwithepilepsy.comEpilepsy Awareness Month in November will be here sooner than we know. So, I’d like to propose a little project.

This graphic is a button I created last year for Epilepsy Awareness Month. Throughout the year I noticed a few of you added it to your twitter pages, facebook pages and website pages. I would like to encourage more people to do the same.  

My goal is to see this button uploaded on 200 pages by the end of November. It will be fun. Let’s see, maybe we can even reach that BEFORE November starts.

1. LivingWellWithEpilepsy.com 9. Michelle Bratt – Pinterest
2. RunningisaLife 10. Colleen Curtis – Pinterest
3. Kristi Beard – Pintrest 11. Enola Shuman
4. Ashley Van Hoozen – Pinterest 12. Epilepsy and stuff
5. Kirsten Krienes – Pinterest 13. Team Aidan
6. Cari Roundtree – Pinterest 14. Barbara Sessions
7. Letty Francis – Pinterest 15. veronique brito
8. Tiffany Ward – Pinterest

The Guidelines
Step 1: Insert the image onto your website, blog, facebook page, twitter page, or even linkedin profile.

Step 2: Let us know when you’ve uploaded it so we can check it out!

Step 3: Tell your friends how they can add the button too.

https://livingwellwithepilepsy.comOptions for Step 1
1) Download a copy

Options for Step 2
1) Add a Comment
3) Tell us on Facebook
4) Tell us on Twitter

Options for Step 3 
Share this page
Share this link

Now we are off to the races!

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