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Ready to go back to school with epilepsy?

Heading back to school with epilepsy can be stressful. But there are now several resources available to parents and teachers that can help with the transition.

Web resources
There is a site called Epilepsyclassroom.com. It opens with a welcome from Greg Grunberg of Heroes, founder of the site TalkAboutIt.org. The site was designed by UCB and the Epilepsy Foundation with help from two experts, one in the field of neurology and the other in the field of teaching, leadership and curriculum development.

You will find tips for families such as:
* Who to tell about your child’s epilepsy
* Information your child’s teacher needs to know
* A few tools to overcome the stigma associated with epilepsy
and more

There’s also a section for teachers and schools including:

* Lesson plans broken down by grade level
* Detailed information on first aid
* How to talk about a seizure with the class
and more

Training offered to school districts
The Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey (EFNJ) has been tackling the topic of epilepsy in schools all over the New Jersey. In fact since 2007 the organization, with support from the Anita Kaufmann Foundation, has educated more than 20,000 fifth grade students on the topic of epilepsy using a program called Thinking About Epilepsy.

The 40 minute presentation, which is offered at NO COST, was created to increase awareness and to reduce stigma’s about epilepsy. In each presentation, the 5th graders are taught how to recognize different seizure types and provide the proper first aid.

If you are interested in arranging a presentation or have a connection with any school that may benefit from this program please call Jenna Andolora of the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey. You can reach her at 1-800-336-5843 or jandolora@efnj.com.

Let me know how it goes
All this information can only help to make the transition to a new year (and new teacher or new school) a bit easier. I’m thinking of all of you as you head back to school. Let me know how the transition goes, I’d love to hear.

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  1. antibody ninja girl
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    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. I have been living with epilepsy myself for almost 5 years now. It is definitely a difficult condition to navigate. Please check out my sight at antibodyninja.blogspot.com

  2. Morgan
    | Reply

    I appreciate this knowledge as well. 🙂 I have been living with epilepsy for ten years, so it's been a challenge as ninja girl said.

    Thank you for sharing.

  3. defense attorney lawrence ks
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    Thanks for the great post. love to read this is really a pain to live with Epilepsy.

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