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Preliminary results from the Living Well reader survey

We are still really early in the Living Well reader survey process, but really filling these things out is only fun if you can find out what everyone else is saying. So, here’s some inside info as a way to say thanks for helping out Living Well With Epilepsy. 

How’d ya find us?
Most vistitors are coming to Living Well by way of Twitter, a few through Facebook, and some because I checked out their blogs. This is really helpful. Now that I know I’ll be checking out more blogs and facebook pages, that’s for dang sure.

All readers have epilepsy, right?
I wasn’t surprised to find that most readers have epilepsy. But when I learned that 30% of the readers do not have epilepsy I was blown away. I’m so happy to know that folks who are not necessarily living with epilepsy are interested in learning more about it.

Only young people read blogs
Well…not necessarily. From what I can tell your ages run the gamut from age 18-65 with most of you in the range from age 35-50. It’s fantastic that you cover such a broad range.

Ladies Only?
It’s too early to determine whether Living Well readers are mostly men or women, but looking at the follower’s pics I’d say most of you are ladies. I’ll know more in a month or so.

How often?
I was thrilled to see that most of you visit the site once a week. And those of you who are new were willing to fill out the survey even though it was your first time!

And she told two friends…
There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the “how likely are you to refer a friend to the blog?” In fact, 61.5% of the respondents said that they would be very likely to refer a friend to the blog. Yowza, thanks so much.

Drumroll please
The most important is the section was on what would you like to see covered. I wasn’t sure if I would receive any comments in this section but once again you came through.

You want to see more on:

  • Social isolation and depression prevention and/or support for people with epilepsy.
  • First timers’ ways to cope with epilepsy when newly diagnosed (the new condition)
  • Youth with epilepsy and what they have to deal with

Any organizations that specialize in these areas are welcome to email me at livingwellwithepilepsy@gmail.com or comment below. I would love to hear from you about your services.

If you haven’t filled out the survey take a minute and answer the questions. Let’s hear your thoughts.

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Founder and CEO Jessica brings a unique perspective to this leading epilepsy blog as she was diagnosed with epilepsy as a teen. She also brings 20+ years experience in marketing.

  1. Beccy
    | Reply

    Hi Jessica,

    Yes – indeedy! I have just started up 'the' support group for Sydney, Australia. There used to be one around a while ago, although it is no longer in operation.

    I hope to make a big difference to everyone affected by Epilepsy in the Sydney area.

    Great blog!


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