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Photographer Bryan Farley shares pics from National Walk for Epilepsy

Bryan T. Farley

I recently met photographer Bryan Farley via our wonderful information super highway, and he offered to share his photos from the 2011 National Walk for Epilepsy in Washington DC.

Why this photographer?
I find the photos to be heartfelt and maybe that’s because the walk is close to Bryan’s heart (or head shall we say?).  Bryan is also living with epilepsy.

Brian’s story
To learn more about Bryan’s photography and his own personal journey you can reading his post titled Epilepsy USA: Those are my words. It expresses a sentiment that many of us will relate to. 

Did you walk?
If you attended the walk you might spy a picture of yourself all bundled up. If you could not attend, these photos really give a feel for the excitement that was generated at the event.

5th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy – Images by bryan farley

Fav Pics
Let me know which photo is your favorite!

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2 Responses

  1. bryan farley
    | Reply


    Thank you for posting the link and slideshow. If anyone sees themselves in the photos, they are free to contact me. People may be able to see the photos better if they launch the slideshow.


  2. Jessica
    | Reply

    @bryan farley
    Thanks again for providing such great photos of this important day.

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