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Brittany’s Story: How it all began
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The beginning It all began when I was in middle school. I remember sitting down watching TV when suddenly I stood up to give my mom a hug and I fell down unexpectedly.... Read More

Traveling with Epilepsy: Takeoff!
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Meet Maureen Knorr, Living Well With Epilepsy's newest writer. She's traveling with epilepsy around the world - pills and all. I hope you enjoy her lighthearted approach to what can be some pretty... Read More

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Awesome app. My wife has epilepsy and it’s a great way for her to keep track of everything. – Kent D.

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Leila’s Ideas: Stigma in the Workplace
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Do I tell my employer about my epilepsy? This post kicks off the Epilepsy Stigma Blog Relay which will run from June 1 through June 30. Follow along and add comments to posts that inspire... Read More

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