Yowza, now that’s epilepsy awareness!

On October 2, we thanked the 1000 of you who visited Living Well With Epilepsy over the past year. Since then (a month ago!!) I have had an additional 1000 visits to this site! This is especially important since November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. As I mentioned before, my goal was always to help fill … Read More

What’s all the hubub about epilepsy and infertility?

A recent study published in the journal, Neurology, addresses the fact that women taking multiple medications to treat epilepsy are at high risk for infertility. This may well be true, but considering anticonvulsants or medicine to control epilepsy often reduces the efficacy of the Pill, there are plenty of mommies with epilepsy … Read More

Picture book on epilepsy, now in spanish!

Author, Danielle M. Rocheford was diagnosed with epilepsy at age two. Her epilepsy was classified as complex partial seizures, preceded by epileptic auras. Her auras manifested through a tingling feeling. Young Danielle used the phrase “I feel funny” as a way to inform her parents or others that she was about to have … Read More

More November Happenings: in Minnesota

The latest addition to the November Happenings page is from The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota. They are excited about their second annual Epilepsy and Seizures Conference: “Living with Seizures Today and Tomorrow.” It’s a conference for parents, seniors, young adults and health care professionals. The conference will be held on Saturday, November 13, … Read More

Don’t Miss the NYC Benefit for CURE Epilepsy

On Thursday, October 14, 2010, the stars will come out for the third annual New York City Benefit for CURE Epilepsy. This year the organization will welcome NYC’s Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg while the event will be hosted by George Stephanopoulos (Good Morning America and ABC News) and Alexandra Wentworth (Actress & comedian). … Read More

Thanks to the 1000 of you who visited!

This week the Living Well With Epilepsy blog welcomed its 1000th visitor. I can’t tell you how excited I am to know that this site is reaching people. (real people!) My goal was always to help fill a gap in communication on epilepsy. And in just a year, the site has gone … Read More

Epilepsy Awareness Month: November 2010

This coming November will be Epilepsy Awareness Month. But I wonder, will this be another year without any mention of epilepsy in the news? I hope not. It would be great to tackle the stigma and take on a campaign similar to Stand Up 2 Cancer. For now though, Epilepsy Foundation offices … Read More

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