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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Weight Loss Surgery for the Epileptic

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Audra’s Story

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live as an autistic adult with epilepsy? Having a child who is autistic with epilepsy is a challenge as well! I am Autistic Audra! I am 38 years old with a son who is also autistic with mental health issues and other disabilities like me. The other thing we have in common? We both have epilepsy. Our journey comes with ups and downs, but we are committed together as a family supported with love.


The diagnosis for my epilepsy came in my thirties just after my autism diagnosis. I had spent my whole life suffering from symptoms of repeated seizures. It exhausted my body along with my mind and spirit. The bittersweet relief of the diagnosis meant treatment, a lifelong disability, and knowing I wasn’t crazy. Complex partial focal seizures with secondary generalized seizures was the mouthful describing the types of seizures I experience daily. The medications were helping to decrease the number of seizures, but I was still experiencing at least 50+ seizures a year. This is not an acceptable standard anymore since the number of seizures increases damage to the brain or sudden unexpected death (SUDEP). We needed a different plan for me to get healthy.


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My name is Audra (Momma Employee) and I have a son The Boss. We are both autistic and have epilepsy! We are both trying to navigate this complex world, together. He runs my schedule and we experience love and life as one family. Our journey comes with ups and downs, but it’s our lives. Welcome to our crazy, funny, weird, socially awkward, introverted, anxiety-ridden, happy, joyful page!We are both supportive of neurodiversity! Momma Employee- QASP, CAS, BCCS, Freelance Writer, Advocate. I love working with my community! I support SCERTS model, DLT model, and therapy to include CBT/ACT.

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