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Educate one girl and you can change a whole community

Eppy, student in TanzaniaAs my regular readers know, I have traveled to Tanzania over the past few years. On one of these trips in 2015, I met a lovely young lady named Eppy. Since we met, my family has sponsored her last two years of education. I am honored to report that she has graduated at the top of her class each year!


Eppy has now been accepted to the country’s top medical school in Dar es Salaam. To help her with tuition, we are raising $3,000 for Eppy to attend her first year of medical school.


As I mentioned, Eppy has been accepted to the medical program at The Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. She is an exceptional student that has always been top of her class, and now we are excited to see her excel in her first year of medical school.


Help educate one girl

Money is the only thing holding her back from her dream of becoming a doctor. Help Eppy acheive her dreams by making a donation to her 2018 tuition. 100% of donations go to Eppy; all adminisitrave fees are covered by Provision Charitable Foundation.


Donate Today


Any donation is great appreciated. Tuition includes boarding, school supplies, and food! I personally will be giving the money to the school and checking up on her. 100% of your donation goes to her schooling, we pay all administration fees out of pocket.


Educate one girl, change the entire community.

Happy New Year,



And if this isn’t a good time for the pocketbook – just share the link with your friends and family! Education is a cause everyone can get behind!

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