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Emily’s Perspective: How to deal with a seizure

EmilyEpilepsy has a hold on millions of lives today. I live with epilepsy and I can tell you it isn’t very fun, as you may have seen in my column last month. Regardless, I choose to live the life I was given as normally as possible.

Do you struggle with day-to-day tasks and live with fear or anxiety on your mind? I have done for most of my life until recently. I hated that feeling of defeat that overwhelmed me constantly.

I just wanted to be normal, like everyone else.

What is normal though? Who has the right to judge anyone on whether they are normal or not? The only person capable of such a task is you! You can live the happy “normal” life that we seem to think everyone else lives.

Try these few steps and see if living this way helps you.

How to deal with a seizure:

This is what has worked for me and a few people I know. If any of these suggestions help you in anyway, that is brilliant.

Step one:

When feeling as if a seizure may be approaching start your calming down session. This for me, is deep breathing.  Don’t hyperventilate but just slowly take deep breathes.

Step two:

Draw your mind blank. Whatever it may be that is scaring you is causing too much stress. Let it go.

Step three:

Make sure your body is completely relaxed during your breathing exercise. One way to know is if your shoulders have completely dropped with relaxation.

Step four:

Try playing soft music. This can help De-stress your mood during your relaxation. I always play some piano music, it helps a bunch.

Step five:

Connect with other people going through the same ordeal. Talk about it!

Step six:

Stay hydrated; this will prevent dehydration and headaches too.

Most Important

If you’re sensing a strong attack approaching be sure to lay down, preferably on your side, and try to contact someone as soon as possible.

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