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Epilepsy Bloggers Linkup

I’m going to try something new, a linkup. If it works I’ll bring it back each week. I’m hoping that epilepsy bloggers and other sites promoting epilepsy awareness with take advantage of this opportunity to connect.

Here’s how it works:
1. Start by entering the name of your site in the field titled: your name.
2. Enter the URL for your site.
3. Follow Living Well and any other sites listed that interest you.
4. Add a comment below so Living Well can follow you back.

Let us know if you like this!

6 Responses

  1. doreen
    | Reply

    What a great idea. I will post on my site:)

  2. Gail B
    | Reply

    I hope I did this linking thing correctly. Great idea. I love that it is promoting the spread of knowledge about epilepsy.

  3. Jessica Keenan Smith
    | Reply

    Thanks for participating! I'm following you on your site.

  4. Jessica Keenan Smith
    | Reply

    @Gail B
    Thanks for participating!! I swung by your site and became a follower.

  5. Serene Low
    | Reply

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the invite. It is great to connect here. Appreciate your efforts in helping to promote epilepsy as best as you can.

  6. Sharon Hassanpour
    | Reply

    Hoping I did it right. It's a good idea to try something like this out.

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