Seizure jokes aren’t funny

I just watched Beyoncé strut her stuff during the SuperBowl Halftime Show. The show was full of so many strobes that the Twitterverse was a-buzz with snarky comments about seizures. I now have a headache after watching the show. But I have to say the headache is more from the comments on Twitter … Read More

An Epilepsy Story: Living with TLE

Morgan Morgan’s StoryWhen I was 15 months old, I had my first seizure. I had been sick and running a very high fever. According to my mom and my dad, I had a febrile seizure that lasted for 90 minutes. Three months later, I was hospitalized again due to another seizure. Originally, … Read More

An inside look at Steve Wynn and Joey’s Song

 Steve Wynn  In March of 2010, Michael Gomoll lost his son suddenly to Dravet’s Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. Gomoll then established The Joseph Gomoll Foundation to honor his son, and began preparing for the release of the Joey’s Song project. One of the leading supporters in the Joey’s Song … Read More

Shining a spotlight on Dravet’s Syndrome

  Our last post provided you with information on a project called Joey’s Song. The project was created after Joey Gomoll succumbed to Dravet (pronounced Dra-vay) syndrome. This rare form of epilepsy robbed Joey of most of the ability to speak, but it didn’t stop him from communicating with everyone he met … Read More

Joey’s Song: Musicians in support of epilepsy awareness

When Michael Gomoll lost his son Joseph Martin Gomoll suddenly in March of 2010 to Dravet’s Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, he decided to take action. Gomoll turned his pain into an opportunity for those living with epilepsy. He established The Joseph Gomoll Foundation to honor his son and since it’s inception, the … Read More

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