Michael Z.’s epilepsy story sounds familiar

Michael Z.’s story may sound familiar to many of you. I know it did to me. He has experienced many of the same things I have, from being diagnosed in his late teens, to “busting himself up” during a seizure, to having trouble with side effects. Read his story and think of … Read More

Personal stories of living with epilepsy stigma

Several of you have submitted stories your personal experience with epilepsy stigma. Thank you to those of you who have submitted your stories so far. Keep them coming! Campaign Update Just a quick update on our goal of $500. To date we have raised $11. I know we can do better and … Read More

Emily’s story continues: Now adjusting to tonic clonic seizures

Emily has shared her epilepsy story before.  She previously told us about her absence seizures but she recently began to have tonic clonic seizures as well. She wanted to share her experiences with you. If you need to catch up on Emily’s story, visit the first post at at: https://livingwellwithepilepsy.com/2013/03/emilys-story-absence-seizures-part-1.html Emily’s Update: … Read More

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