A Mother’s Day Story: On Being a Mom with Epilepsy

My life is the same as any other Mom. I wake up in the morning to my kids in my bed snuggled in next to me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The difference in my case, however, is that heavy stress and lack of sleep are seizure triggers for me.

Dan’s Story: Running with seizures and not even know it

Knee tendinitis, ankles that sprain easily … most marathon runners are nagged by a particular body part that is prone to injury. My nag is my head. I have epilepsy that, for whatever reason, tends to be provoked by running. I’ll be in the middle of a run, cruising along, feeling great, and – bam! – suddenly have a seizure. Bummer when you’re trying to set a personal record.

Sita’s Story: Epilepsy at University

Adjusting to university life was a bit of a struggle, as I tried to balance the stress of work and becoming more independent. The seizures still occurred from time to time.

Lisa’s Story: Childhood Epilepsy with Petit Mal Seizures

As a child, my seizures were a very pleasant experience, but for the longest time my parents thought I was just daydreaming. I went undiagnosed until I was 8. I was having over 100 petit mal seizures a day, and my grades were so poor that I was put into English as a Second Language (ESL) courses because my teachers didn’t think I knew English.

Sandra’s Story: I have epilepsy, epilepsy doesn’t have me

I realize that I am lucky because I have read stories of people and how they struggle with epilepsy. I ask myself, should I be struggling? Should I be worried all the time? But, then I stop and tell myself, NO! This is MY life and MY epilepsy story.

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