Ever realize how annoying the word Epileptic is?

Ask an Epileptic: “I’ve wondered if you realize how annoying it is to be called epileptic?” DEAR EPILEPTIC: The word “Epileptic” is annoying to some of us who do suffer from epilepsy! There are other ways to get the word out. I’ve done so myself by telling my own story. I was … Read More

Do generic meds differ from one manufacturer to another?

Ask an Epileptic: “Do generic meds cause different side effects when they are from a different manufacturer?” DEAR EPILEPTIC: I have epilepsy and wonder if anyone who receives medication by mail ever receives their meds from a different generic manufacturer. This time my generic Lamictal came in a different shape and size. … Read More

Ask an Epileptic: A new column

Need some answers on what it’s like living with epilepsy? Why not ask an epileptic? Listening to NPR the other day, I heard the journalist Gustavo Arellano mention his nationally syndicated column, “¡Ask a Mexican!.” This is Arellano’s forum to answer any and all questions about America’s spiciest and largest minority (his … Read More

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