My ID Square: A Review of Medical ID Squid Square

A few weeks ago staff from My ID Square contacted me about the possibility of reviewing one of their medical ID bracelets-of course, I said yes! My ID Square makes “smart” medical IDs which connect to a powerful online medical profile and alert contacts in an emergency by using a QR code.  After … Read More

Traveling with Epilepsy: A seizure in Buenos Aires

After college I moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina to teach English. The thought of being tethered to my neurologist and pharmacy drove me insane! Being told that I couldn’t travel alone simply inspired me to do so! The fact is, having epilepsy means you have a higher risk of early death, which for me translates to “experience what life has to offer, right now!”

Traveling with Epilepsy: Takeoff!

Meet Maureen Knorr, Living Well With Epilepsy’s newest writer. She’s traveling with epilepsy around the world – pills and all. I hope you enjoy her lighthearted approach to what can be some pretty complicated situations.

Loss from Epilepsy: Traditions can be altered

Our world revolved around seizures; therefore, many of our family “traditions” were altered.  Epilepsy wasn’t an “if” it was a “when”, “where” and “how” in our lives.  This was magnified on holidays and events through the stages of Clayton’s journey, especially when he was first hospitalized.  As time progressed, though, we learned … Read More

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