Video chat with Epilepsy bloggers

This week Living Well With Epilepsy hosted a Google+ Hangout with some amazing people.  The video chat gave me the chance to talk face-to-face with other folks actively involved in getting the word out about epilepsy. From across the countryThe group consisted of bloggers, artists, people with epilepsy, parents, writers, videographers, and … Read More

It’s time for the Shorty Awards again.

If you are on twitter and are looking for a way to speak out for a cure, here’s a quick and easy way. Tweet a nomination for a Shorty Award. How does it work? Nominations are made by sending a tweet, whether it’s through the Shorty Award site or on Twitter. To Nominate … Read More

Best news on epilepsy from 2011

There were some great stories on epilepsy that we shouldn’t forget before running headlong into 2012. These include a major genetic discovery, the surprise that Emily Dickinson had epilepsy, J&J’s decision to leave smelly meds on the their production line, and evidence that UCB wants to hear from people with epilepsy.  Research … Read More

Epilepsy 101

When people don’t have the basic facts that’s when myths tend to fill in the blanks. So here is epilepsy in a nutshell: What is Epilepsy?Epilepsy is a chronic neurologic disorder with many possible causes. Anything that disturbs the normal pattern of neuron activity – from illness to brain damage to abnormal … Read More

Thanks for adding the Epilepsy Awareness button

During November the following sites added the Epilepsy Awareness button to their site. Thanks for speaking out. Sites that Speak Out If you added the button and we didn’t recognize your site. Comment below so we can thank you for speaking out. Want to grab the button? The … Read More

Living Well Ranked #3 on Best Blogs Site

A site on Medical Billing and Coding recently decided to incorporate a page on the 35 Best Blogs for Epilepsy Support in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Living Well With Epilepsy is ranked #3 on their list! Check out the fantastic write up below: Living … Read More

GlamaLIFE promotes Epilepsy Awareness Month

Heather Schuck is the CEO & Founder of GlamaLIFE Brands. When she’s not designing hip baby clothes for Glamajama or hosting her mom adventure web series, you can find her at dishing the dirt on the REAL life of mom entrepreneurs or tweeting @glamalife to her more than 27,000 followers. … Read More

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