Epilepsy campers, signup time is here

For most kids summer means playing outdoors, camps with silly names, hiking, swimming, canoeing, arts and crafts and more. The same is true for kids with epilepsy. In a recent issue of EpilepsyUSA, the Epilepsy Foundation‘s flagship publication, the organization featured a roundup of epilepsy camps throughout the United States. US Camps … Read More

Wordless Wednesday: Epilepsy friends link up

I’ve connected with lots of new people and organizations on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook recently. I thought it was time to share this wealth of information that the folks from around the world can bring to the conversation about living well with epilepsy. Wordless WednesdayAs I mentioned in an earlier post, there … Read More

Researchers discover common genetics in autism and epilepsy

Below is a story that was originally produced for the Journal of Human Molecular Genetics (May 2011). The research is so groundbreaking that the story has already been picked up by Science Daily, The Toronto Sun, The Ottowa Sun, A Health Blog, BioQuick News, PhysOrg and is spreading across the globe swiftly. What’s the … Read More

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