Living Well has welcomed our 3000th visitor

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A recent look at Living Well’s google analytics showed that, an epilepsy blog, has welcomed over 3000 unique visitors! We have an average of 25 people swing by each day. That’s a dramatic improvement from this time last year when we had an average of 2 people visiting the site each day. And at least one of those people was me.

Exponential Growth
Just in case you’re no math whiz (I know I’m not), that’s a 1150% increase in average daily visits! Thanks everyone, we really are making an impact.

No Mean Feat

Living Well is not going to take down The Huffington Post or Mashable, but I’m thrilled with our success and to be part of a community that is raising epilepsy awareness with each post.

Where in the world  
To give a sense of scope, those more than 3000 people made 4,240 visits and they came from 96 countries/territories including:
United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Philippines, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, and Croatia among others.
So thanks again, and keep those suggestions coming. They can only make our community more connected.

Feedback on new look sent us back to the old look

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You gave feedback … and Living Well listened.

The “new” header that went away

I recently uploaded a new header, logo and color scheme for the Living Well site. You as readers spoke up and said “NO”.

So we are back to the old look (at least for a while). Until we find a new one that gets good feedback.

Keep those comments coming. We hear you!

Exciting new developments at Living Well

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There have been a few exciting new developments at Living Well With Epilepsy that we wanted to share with you. Recently we were nominated for a shorty award, welcomed our 3000th visitor and got a new look.

Shorty Update
When voting closed for the Shorty Awards, epilepsy held a respectable 5th place out of more than 180 nominees in the Health category. This competition helped raise awareness for epilepsy and gave us the opportunity to connect with some pretty amazing folks. 

3000 visitors to Living Well
Living Well just hit another milestone. This week our site welcomed our 3000th unique visitor according to our latest Google Analytics stats. Thank you to the 3000 of you who visited and we appreciate the more than 8000 times you’ve come by to check out the latest updates on Living Well With Epilepsy.

Check out our new look
We are in the process of rolling out a new look. That includes a logo for Living Well. We’d love to hear your feedback on the change. Like it? Don’t like it? Let us know by commenting below.

Black History Month: Epilepsy in the African American Community

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According to the Epilepsy Foundation, 12 percent or more than 350,000 of the over 3 million Americans with epilepsy are African-American. African-Americans are also more likely to be diagnosed with epilepsy than Caucasians; they more often experience status epilepticus; and they are at an increased risk for Sudden Unexpected Death from Epilepsy (SUDEP).
Join me on the New Digg
Web resource just for you
In response to these dramatic statistics, the Epilepsy Foundation has created a new site called Epilepsy and the African American community. The site features real personal stories, resources and is packed with information on epilepsy.

Hear from Jason Snelling
Jason Snelling, FB for the Atlanta Falcons, has recently done a public service announcement for the epilepsy foundation. You can check it out below:

Read more
For more information you can also read the award winning article by Aliyah Baruchin on epilepsy in the African American community. The piece was published in EpilepsyUSA the Epilepsy Foundation’s flagship publication.

Tell us your story
Feel free to comment below on your own experience.

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