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Women and Epilepsy: Pregnancy, epilepsy and finding gratitude


Women and Epilepsy

Stephanie shares her experience with pregnancy and epilepsy, and finding gratitude through it all.

Stephanie’s Story

I am continuously told how much having epilepsy has truly impacted my memory. Between seizures and brain surgery it is pretty bad. My son actually told my doctor “please don’t take out anymore of my mommy’s brain because she can’t remember ANYTHING!”

Epilepsy Diagnosis

One thing I know I will never forget is when I actually got diagnosed with epilepsy and how much it changed my entire life. When I was small child I had febrile seizures and my mother told her if I had another one to rush me to the emergency room. Then I never had another one, or so I thought until my second pregnancy when I got pregnant with my daughter.

Pregnancy and Epilepsy

I began having tonic clonic seizures during my sleep, and it basically told my body I was in labor every time I had one so at 22 weeks I was 3 centimeters dilated. The doctors admitted me into the hospital immediately on strict bed rest for 3 months.

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Disaster Averted

I remember a doctor looked me in the face one day and said, “We are just trying to keep you okay, but your daughter is going to be still born.” Thankfully although my life was completely falling apart he was wrong, and I gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl, my miracle baby!

Finding Gratitude

I later learned that I had been having auras my whole life but never knew what they were. I have unfortunately suffered from tonic clonic and focal seizures ever since despite multiple testing, medications, and brain surgery. My seizures have definitely made it so that I treasure moments. I attempt to keep records of everything, while I am making what should become memories. While I may not remember the moment, I have something to try and reflect upon.

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  1. Lauren Brunell
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    You inspire me! I want children someday but also suffer with focal seizures. Thank you for this. ❤️

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