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What the EF Podcast featuring DJ HAPA

What the EF podcast released its first episode today!

Wanna stay motivated to keep those New Year’s resolutions? Just take a listen to this heart-to-heart with DJ HAPA. The DJ-advocate-educator-podcaster breaks down how epilepsy can be a gift that shapes who we are and how we approach the world every day.

In this incredibly inspiring episode, DJ HAPA discusses why it’s important to be an epilepsy advocate, regardless of seizure frequency or how many TikTok followers you have. He tells us how being vulnerable about his condition led to opportunities (and love!).

Available on: Spotify, Apple, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, & Audible


WTF is ‘What the EF?’

This podcast is a place to share, cry, and laugh at all our epilepsy WTF moments.

What the EF is a podcast that discusses, points out, and chuckles at the ridiculous, poignant, heartbreaking, and sometimes funny sh*t that happens with epilepsy. By adding laughter to the conversation, people are able to connect, lower their guards, and open themselves to vulnerable discussions. The podcast’s goal is to explore the annoying, beautiful, and traumatic aspects of life with epilepsy, couched in laughter.

My co-host, Lexi, and I bring in experts, celebs, and regular folks to shed light on the crazy epilepsy stuff that no one seems to talk about. Drawing upon our own experiences, we have conversations on taboo topics in the seizure sphere. 

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Landis is a Chicago-based writer, whose work has been featured on NBCNewsTHINK, Wired and Chicago Tribune. She is a writer and Editor for Living Well With Epilepsy. Landis brings a humorous perspective to life with epilepsy. Diagnosed at 32 years old, she sheds light and laughs on managing a new life with seizures. Landis strives to create a touchstone for the chronically ill and those who support them. She is currently finishing a humorous memoir, “My Brain Tumor’s Boyfriend.”

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