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Epilepsy Blog Relay: Connect with people who “get it” every Wednesday evening

Time with People who “Get It”

Over the years I have found that most of us hide our epilepsy at some point or another. But that can make it difficult to find and connect with others who “get it”. You know, that look of understanding when you share experiences of changing meds. Or that feeling of isolation or embarrassment after a seizure.

Let’s see if we can ease that sense of isolation a bit.

The Pilot Group

Over the past few months I tested out a weekly ZOOM call with a group of people who are living with epilepsy. They all found it to be a success. Terra said, “I’ve had a hard time accepting my epilepsy. This group was an opportunity to have a circle of support.” Whitney said, “I needed some accountablity. This came along at a good time.” Soo shared, “The group provided a safe space to improve my confidence.”

A Few Improvements

But like anything, we found ways to improve the format. First off, by changing the day of the week to Wednesdays, we would be able to meet more regularly. Next, the group got the most out of being with each other. So we decided to leave more time for the group to chat and share stories with each other. Finally, we wanted more people to benefit so we wanted to open it up to all Living Well With Epilepsy newsletter subscribers.

Join the Chat!

So if you think you might want to pop in to an upcoming Wednesday Epilepsy Zoom Call just be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. You will receive a welcome email with the link!

Thanks and see you there.



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