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In gratitude for my epilepsy

I don’t usually write blog posts for the Epilepsy Blog Relay because I feel it is an opportunity for the community to share their stories but so much has happened in my little world (not all great) and I wanted to share a little about my perspective on gratitude.

Gratitude for my epilepsy

My daughter was recently in the hospital following a very serious accident. She needed several surgeries and has fractures in her ankle and spine. During her stay at the trauma center, one of her roommates was a young woman who had a car accident as a result of a grand mal seizure. I had an opportunity to talk to her at the tail end of visiting hours one day and let her know she is not alone. This reminded me how grateful I am to have seizure control as I could very easily have switched places with her had the fates allowed.

Gratitude for my family

This is a big one for me right now. My sisters and I have become closer as a result of managing my parents health. If you are not aware, dad has congestive heart failure and mom has Alzheimer’s Disease. My sisters and I could not have taken this on without the leadership of my sister Alyson and the dedication of my sister Rachel. I am grateful for their support, for their leadership and knowing I can always count on them.

I am also grateful to my cousins who have more than shown up. They have been there when I knew I needed them and more importantly, when I didn’t know I needed them. They are a support network I can always count on and I hope they know they can call on when they need me.

Gratitude for my husband

Above all, my husband has essentially supplied the air I breathe. He brings positivity into my life and relieves worry whenever he can. He is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am lucky to have him and I am grateful to have him in my life. That’s not to say we have not been without our struggles. We have had our share. But I am pleased to report will celebrate twenty years of marriage this year despite a pandemic and a multitude of family health crises.

Gratitude for me

I have worked hard to focus on the positive despite my circumstances. I believe we have an opportunity to be grateful for this life. It’s not always easy – life and the being grateful. But if you give it a second and you start appreciating the little things, eventually you can begin to appreciate you and the space you take up in this world.