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These 3 goals will make you look back on your own resolutions

Last year, I made my Epilepsy Resolutions for 2017. After a full year, here’s how I did on those resolutions and what my new ideas are for 2018.

Documentation (tracking seizure events)

I was halfway decent at this! I’d say it was a moderate success. I didn’t do well for most of the year. Then, after a whopper of a seizure in October, I began following this resolution more closely. I’m still not perfect by any means, but I have a better handle on what is occurring and how often. I have a specific notebook I use and it is kept in the living room. That way if my husband notices anything odd, he is able to add to the record.

Taking My Pills

Thank goodness I am better at this! I bought myself a pill box and fill it religiously every week. I take my pills daily and have not forgotten a dose in months. I am currently increasing a new medication and will begin weaning off of another. I need to stick to the schedule my doctor gave me and make sure I contact her with any problems.

Staying Away from Seizure Triggers

This was also successful. You can read more about my seizure triggers here. I spend a smaller amount of time in front of screens, which has also reduced my stress at work. Both of these things help reduce the occurrence of stress-related episodes. I try to stick with a regular schedule, though my job makes it difficult. I have to be available at any time of day for my clients, so I follow a schedule as best I can. I am good at following a pill and sleep schedule; this is helpful for seizure management.

Hopes for 2018

My hope for the coming year is that I successfully switch medications and I continue to be good about taking them. I hope to continue keeping to a schedule and making sure I prioritize self-care. The last resolution is to make sure I am posting monthly on here! With all the events at the end of last year, I had to take a break from these posts. I am back and have my recent experiences to share with you all. Thanks for encouraging me all last year and I hope you stick with me this year!

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