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Meet the Purple Wedges

IMG_1519Meet the Purple Wedges, Living Well With Epilepsy’s newest guide, raising epilepsy awareness around the country. The wedges will bring you on their purple epilepsy awareness adventures and you will see the sights from the perspective of these amazing traveling shoes. This is just a fun way to remind people that purple is the color for epilepsy and epilepsy needs a little awareness. Hope you follow along.

The Purple Wedges

This year I’ve been traveling to a few different cities for epilepsy related conferences. It just so happens, I have a pair of amazing purple wedges. They are beautiful suede and patent leather wedges that my mother insisted I buy years ago. So, a few months ago I brought the shoes with me on a trip to New York City.  This was an opportunity to take photos with the wedges (from their perspective of course) in fun, memorable locations.

Of course, I brought you all along with me through Twitter using the hashtag #wedgestakemanhattan. I was delighted to find you followed the adventures of the purple wedges. Just in case you missed the trip I have included a few photos below.

Purple Wedges in Manhattan





Purple Wedges in Chicago

More recently, the wedges hit Chicago. The weather was beautiful and the city was energized. Of course we used the hashtag, #wedgestakechicago. During the trip, I stumbled (no pun intended) upon a concert in Millenium park. It made me happy to see families of all shapes and sizes, colors and races together enjoying beautiful music.

Thank you Chicago for a momentary respite from the anger and tension felt around the world.




More from the wedges

The wedges will hit the road again soon. Keep an eye out on Twitter for more Wedges updates.

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