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Leila’s Ideas: Volunteer Match

Volunteering as a camp counselor--I do it every summer!
Volunteering as a camp counselor–I do it every summer!

There are so many people who have helped me in my epilepsy journey.  Whether they’re friends, family, or organizations, I am beyond thankful for those who have spent time with me on this crazy ride.  I want to volunteer with others just like I was helped, but there are so many ways to do so!  Emily wrote about a few of them in her post earlier this month.


Volunteer Match

While I was trying to determine what path of volunteering would be right for me, I stumbled upon a helpful website.  It’s called Volunteer Match and it is a giant hub of information about over 100,000 organizations for anyone looking to volunteer.


When you arrive at the home page, you are given the ability to search for volunteer opportunities in your geographical area.  You can also narrow the search based on your specific interests using 29 cause categories.  I could also search using the age group I want to work with.  I made my own profile so I can save my interests for future searches.  WIth my profile, I was also able to add a resume, save my location, and add special skills I have. I can choose between local opportunities to do in person or I can select a virtual opportunity to find ways to help someone across the country.  In my area, there were 67 volunteer opportunities!


The website offers resources for organization leaders and volunteers. The resources include webinars, books, videos, and a blog that can help volunteers make the most of their time and promote a positive culture within the organization.  


Choose Something Meaningful to You

Using this website helped me find organizations in my area that I didn’t even know could use my help.  Even if they’re not related to epilepsy, I can still use my experience to help others make the most of their lives.  With so many options, it can be hard to choose exactly which nonprofit to work with!  Regardless of which one is chosen, it will be a worthy cause.  If you’re motivated to give back to your community, check out Volunteer Match; it can connect you to a cause that can change your community for the better.


How have you helped out in your community?  Let us know in the comments below!

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