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My ID Square: A Review of Medical ID Squid Square

squid idA few weeks ago staff from My ID Square contacted me about the possibility of reviewing one of their medical ID bracelets-of course, I said yes! My ID Square makes “smart” medical IDs which connect to a powerful online medical profile and alert contacts in an emergency by using a QR code.  After just a couple of days, my ID Square bracelet came in the post all the way from the States; I was so excited.

QR Codes

As you can see on my photo of my bracelet, those little printed boxes that are similar to barcodes, called quick response (QR) codes, contain lots of information only readable by special digital scanners or your smartphone.  After you scan a QR code, your smartphone can present the information or perform a function, such as access a website.

QR codes in the medical field are becoming increasingly popular with the wave of QR code usage, which is one of the reasons I was excited to review this product.  We do not currently have this kind of Medical ID in the UK yet. Quick response codes provide a wide range of information that can easily be scanned and decoded using quick response software. Your smartphone may need an app, but it is free! You can download any QR reader app, but I use the i.nigma.

In An Emergency

QR codes can help lead to important numbers such as helplines and hospitals. This can save a lot of time when you need help. Maybe you don’t have your emergency contact details accessible for someone, or you are dazed and cannot remember any of your information; you or somebody else can scan the QR code on your bracelet, necklace, or chain and your details will be sent to that persons phone. You can also visit the website for any emergencies that might arise; the URL is on the back of your squid.

By having QR barcodes on medical IDs, the process of accessing your medical information is faster and easier during an emergency and when visiting the doctor. QR barcodes are often used in hospitals – on patient wristbands, medication bottles and supplies. As a result, medical personnel are familiar with QR barcodes and know how to scan them.


The interchangeable bracelet and necklace attachments connect to your online medical information when the QR barcode is scanned with a mobile device or the URL printed on the back is accessed by any computer or mobile device. Your emergency contacts can even be alerted.

My ID Square

The squids are 100% waterproof, so you do not need to worry about taking them off to swim or bathe. There are so many designs to choose from and they are made to fit YOU. I’m so pleased with my squid, I don’t need to worry about people looking at me because I am wearing an Epilepsy alarm or an alert band because this design is discreet and you are able to buy extra charms to go on it to make it more personal to you.

The staff were there for me during the arrival of my squid, ensuring that everything was working fine and offering me further support if there were any issues. I cannot fault the squid or the customer service I received. Thank you My ID Square!

For More Information

Where to find them: http://www.myidsquare.com

See more of what they have to offer: http://www.myidsquare.com/pages/shop-all-products


I received a free Squid Square from My ID Square in exchange for writing a review on the blog. However, all opinions are my own. The product described here is an aid to those living with epilepsy and it is by no means a cure. This tool is not intended to replace medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. If you are having health problems or need advice please contact your doctor. You can also read full details on our policy on product reviews.

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