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Give your feedback on a new epilepsy app

IMG_4177Your feedback will make this epilepsy app amazing

Living Well with Epilepsy is gearing up to provide an epilepsy digital application that will allow our readers to access a suite of health apps that can support self-care, and improve health outcomes. We are able to provide this thanks to a new partnership with Self Care Catalysts.
The epilepsy app is currently in development. At this stage Self Care Catalysts is looking to YOU for feedback to enhance the current suite of apps they have created. We want to be sure it can really meet the needs of a person living with epilepsy.

Join the discussion

We will be talking about the epilepsy app on January 19 or 20 between at 8 PM ET. Both dates are available depending on turnout. If you have time and are interested in providing feedback on what it means to live with epilepsy, let me know.
To participate, contact Living Well With Epilepsy via email by January 14. We will then have someone from the Self Care Catalysts team reach out to you to confirm details for the discussion.
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