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Epilepsy Blog Relay™: How Epilepsy Health Storylines is Making a Difference

ljamisonThis post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from November 1 through November 30. Follow along and add comments to posts that inspire you!

This post was contributed by Leslie Jamison, EVP of Self Care Catalysts. Self Care Catalysts created the Epilepsy Health Storylines app in partnership with Living Well With Epilepsy.

Epilepsy Health Storylines

The Epilepsy Health Storylines app was launched on Purple Day: March 26th 2015.   Since then, thousands of people have signed up to use this app. From the start, the app was designed with feedback from people living with epilepsy, to best help those affected.  Our mission is to help shift the power of health back into the hands of those most affected by epilepsy. 

Your Feedback

It is so great when we hear from you on how the app has helped you regain control of your own healthcare. We have heard some great feedback from people using the app and how it is has helped them have more productive conversations with their physicians, helped them to gain insight into their own behaviors to make better choices, and how it helps them stay on track.  

sync a device copySync wearable devices

We are always updating and improving the app based on direct feedback from people using the app, as well as part of our on-going enhancement plan. One of the newer features we have heard lots of great feedback on is the “Sync-a Device” feature.  It can be found on the side menu.   

Now you can connect with other health and fitness apps that you use, such as FitBit and Jawbone, using the Epilepsy Health Storylines app.   You will be able to see your synced data on the My Storylines page (found under the left sidebar) with all of your other data so you can see your complete story in one place.

New Features for Android Usersunnamed

There are a few new features that are available only to Android users:

Daily Reminder

Android users now can benefit from a simple daily reminder which reminds and enables you to easily enter important information about your health (such as mood, symptoms and medications) to help both you and your doctor get closer to a complete picture of your health.  This feature triggers a reminder at 9 PM daily and asks you if you’d like to fill out some information about your day. There is also the option of dismissing it. The great thing about it is that it allows you to enter information without opening the app, so it is a very quick and easy interaction. 


Improved My Storylines

There is also a new and improved My Storylines that makes it easier for you to see patterns across different aspects of your health.

What about iOS users?

Do you use an iPhone or iPad? Hang on tight, similar features will soon be available for iOS users.

More coming soon

There will be more enhancements coming soon. In the meantime, we hope you find that Epilepsy Health Storylines helps you live well with epilepsy.  To learn more click on https://livingwellwithepilepsy.com/epilepsy-storylines

NEXT UP: Be sure to check out tomorrow’s post at http://www.cf-epilepsy.com for more on Epilepsy Awareness. For the full schedule of bloggers visit livingwellwithepilepsy.com/epilepsy-blog-relay.

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